Sunday, October 24, 2004

The e-mail storage wars ...

Once again, it is proved that a little competition is a good thing. Ever since Google announced its 1 gig Gmail, free e-mail services have been scrambling to add storage space.

The latest I noticed is Netscape mail. I use it as my secondary account for registrations, etc., to catch the inevitable dreck that's generated. Just noticed today it's up to 250 mb, and while that's not as good as the 1 gb at Gmail and some others, it's certainly a lot better than the 5 mb it had -- and to my knowledge you don't get your mail scanned for possible ad connections.

Unlike Hotmail and some others, I've also never had any trouble getting various file types through. (Maybe that will change -- I've noticed recently that when trying to send Web pages to AOL accounts, they are rejected. Netscape is part of the AOL complex, but seems to operate with many fewer controls.) Since it doesn't seem quite as popular as some of the other services, and thus seems to attract less attention from spammers, etc., it might be worth a look for your needs.


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