Thursday, February 17, 2005

Some how-tos on blogging for journalists

Maybe all the recent ink, digital and otherwise, spilled about blogging has your paper, or you, thinking about getting into the game. While Nicole at A Capital Idea and I try to figure out what to say to ACES about the idea of editors and blogging, Dave Winer, one of the pioneers in the field who created Radio UserLand, has some tips old and new for journalists:

In his 2002 post, Winer stresses the neeed to link, even to your competitors. (When you write a Web log, you quickly discover how people appreciate linking. In a way, it says, "I have nothing to hide. Go look at the other guy and decide for yourself.")

In this most recent post -- of this week -- Winer discusses how small-city newspapers can start their blogs. His key point is that blogging is two-way, as journalism is becoming: Have blogs from your organization, but also make sure you read, and enable where necessary,community blogs.

By the way, I see Winer was at the Herald-Journal in Spartanburg this week. The H-J has been fairly progressive in this area, hosting an election mobile Web log run by Kim Smith and his students at USC Upstate.


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