Sunday, April 17, 2005

Doug's travels

Just getting back from Knoxville where we watched oldest son (Reed) run for Harding U. -- as the 1,200-meter member of the distance medley relay team that set a school record (9:53.48) and came in second overall Saturday at the Sea Ray Relays. (It's my blog; I get to boast!)

His fiancee, Jessica Pingrey, also did super in her race, and he had a decent 1,500 race on Friday.

Karen and I decided to make a detour through Pigeon Forge on the way home (all the times we've driven up and back through Knoxville to get to her folks in the Lousville area, we've never done that). Boy, what a mistake. Some car festival going on in Pigeon Forge had traffic backed up 10 miles into Sevierville. Took us 2+ hours to get through. Just not my month for travel. (But the Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway was beautiful after that. Here's a great shot taken by someone else; I do not yet have a digital camera.)

Back for three days, then on to the ACES convention in Hollywood. On request, Nicole Stockdale and I are giving a presentation on "blogging for editors." Where to begin ? ... (suggestions welcome)

Hope to see a lot of folks there.


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