Friday, November 04, 2005

Hawaiian or Hawaii resident?

The AP has issued a new style guideline that the term Hawaiians should be reserved for those of native descent:

Hawaiians are members of an ethnic group indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands, also called Native Hawaiians. Use Hawaii resident or islander for anyone living in the state.
This has touched off the usual sharp-tongued discussion at Testy Copy Editors about the problems of being sensitive to people's ethinicity and ancestry while also dealing with general perceptions (if someone from California is a Californian, wouldn't someone from Hawaii be a Hawaiian?).

It's easy in South Carolina to think the discussion is a little overwrought -- how often are we likely to have Hawaiians and Hawaii resident competing in the same story? But in other areas, it can take on more signficance. The TCE thread is worth a read to understand how copy editors do tussle with such things.


At 11/8/05, 2:39 PM, Blogger Baronger said...

What is the policy for the both North and South Dakota. That state along with Missouri and Illinois also are named for Indian tribes.

I forget if Utah is too, but I have no idea what we call people from Utah. Utes, Utonians it just doesn't fit the -er or -onian model very well.

At 11/8/05, 4:49 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Which is why these things open a can of worms.

With the Dakotas, there's a slippery workaround. Members of the tribe, I think, are more usually called Dakotas whereas members of the state are Dakotans.

Utah actually is based on the Utes' word for hill dwellers, according to my references. So the Native American would just be a Ute. A member of the state is a Utahan (or as my dictionary notes, Utahn in local usage).

As for Illinois, that's a bit tricker. I guess you could call them what we called them in Indiana. But this is a family blog ...


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