Saturday, December 17, 2005

Foremski reflects on loss of the media professional

Tom Foremski, in a post pointed to from the Poynter online news list, has some interesting observations on the shrinking media professional class.

A high quality media means we can figure out solutions to big problems all the more quickly because media is the way society "thinks." ...
The problem is that we are losing our media professionals. It is not the blogosphere that is to blame, it is the new generations of technology-enabled media companies. ...
Citizen journalism does have an important place in the mediasphere but it cannot replace our need for professional journalists. And the funding for such media professionals is disappearing at a faster rate as the new media companies ramp up ever more efficient advertising/marketing services.

Useful things to think about.

In an earlier post, Foremski suggests that maybe Google is moving too fast for our culture to keep up with it.


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