Monday, April 16, 2007

Quoth CBS Interactive's Smith on the "Audience Company"

I thought this was an intesting quote today in a Los Angeles Times article about CBS and its struggles:

"Over the past year, the world has learned that you don't win by telling everybody where they should go, you win by being where everyone else is . ... It's all about transitioning from being a content company to being an audience company." -- Quincy Smith, president, CBS Interactive

That's an interesting take on things at a time when companies are struggling to be "content" companies, not just production companies.

I think I'll put that one up on the wall with what are similar bon mots that seem to capture the mood of the new-media moment, among them:

"In the 21st century, large is no longer in charge." -- Sumner Restone, Viacom (and effectively Smith's ultimate boss as CBS' largest shareholder).

"We don't own the news anymore." -- Richard Sambrook, BBC

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