Monday, May 26, 2008

More useful tools

Add to your list of useful sites Julian Sher's

Sher does a good job of tracking down online tools to help you do better research.

One he's featuring this week is Google Sites, which, I admit, I haven't seen before and don't see in Goog's expanded list of resources. But it looks like a good way to create a quick Web site for sharing that has controls for who can view and edit.

And if you're into journalism social networks, another one has opened, The Modern Journalist, started by Brad King out of the Cincinnati area who is writing a book on what modern news organizations should look like.

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At 5/26/08, 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice.

I've had the unique opportunity to work at a weekly, daily, magazine and online -- and I was given the chance to build a daily, online news operation.

I see lots of discussion these days -- but as you pointed out in the post above -- it's mostly people thinking about "new" things in terms of the old model.

What news folks need to do is find people who understand technology -- and then work with them (as in, listen).

It's an interesting time we live in. Too many people act as if this is a new invention (technology). When we have 40 years of innovation and business on the technology side (how companies run and make money) to find answers.


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