Thursday, June 19, 2008

Copy Editing: OC Register to ship it overseas?

Media Bistro reports that the Orange County Register is getting ready to send copy-editing work to India. A commenter on the blog and some early word on the ACES discussion board suggests it may not be just some weekly work but some daily as well.

We'll see if this decision sticks after some others, including Miami, have backed down.

Stay tuned ...


June 25 Update

The AP reports the Register has hired Mindworks to lay out one of the OCR's community papers and to do copy editing of some stories in the main Register. LA Observed says the commuity paper is likely to be the one in San Clemente:

The story is that, when many of the Register's weeklies switch to three days a week, the Indian rent-an-editors will avoid the hiring of new copy editors who just have to be laid off if the Register continues to tank.
Meanwhile, nary a peep from the American Copy Editors Society leadership, though this has been in the works for at least a week (the initial publication of this entry). Maybe they're busy organizing that Indian chapter? Truth be told, there's damn little ACES can do other than keep writing letters to the editor trying to lift copy editors' veil of anonymity. Maybe that'll at least help them get a job elsewhere.

You've gotta love Mindworks' slogan, though: "Enabling media transformation." As Leno would say, the first slogan was rejected: "Helping your ass out the door."

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