Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am watching Gov. Mark Sanford implode on live TV. (You can find all the stories easily on the Web. No need for me to link.)

I stay far away from politics on this blog for a reason. Yet, it is impossible to watch what has gone on in this state for the past eight years, and all the recent rancor and bile over Sanford's refusal of federal stimulus money, etc., and not just shake my head in pity, shame, sorrow, frustration and anger.

What I wrote on Facebook:
Watching the news conference. Not surprising in one way, so WTF unbelievable in another. Clinton raised infidelity to an art, the GOP has just made it into widgets.

I'll let all the pundits take it from here. (But, damn, do I wish I were back running a statehouse bureau.)

OK, after listening to the talking heads, a couple of quick observations:
-- I'm not a betting man, but I'm betting Sanford will resist resigning. I'm not sure he wants Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (known to be a bit flaky himself) in the seat of power and with a head-start on next year's governor's race.
-- I'm not sure House Speaker Bobby Harrell and others who have eyes on the governor's office want Bauer to have that either. (For now Harrell et al. are staying civil.)
-- Sanford already was a lame duck. Now he's a dead duck. He can just about give up any chance of getting anything he wants past the Legislature in his final year.
-- Katon Dawson, former state GOP chair, told Fox News that other pols were "lining up" to fill the vacuum. They were lining up anyhow. Now they can just be more open about it.

Not that Sanford had much influence in this anyhow, but this pretty much takes away any power of suasion he might have had to keep the GOP rabble sort of civil leading up to the 2010 election. Now, it's get out the knives and other weapons. This promises to be a bloody spectator sport.



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