Thursday, May 13, 2010

Something to follow on Facebook

Worth noting on Facebook is the page by Death of Paris, an indie band from Columbia of which one of my former students is a member.

The idea of band pages isn't new, of course - MySpace is ground zero for them. But what intrigues me about this effort is that it is built around the band's trip to Los Angeles and its efforts to record and assemble an album.

It's more than that, though - it's a really intimate look at all the other stuff they're doing (some of it in sort of wide-eyed amazement) such as a visit to a Jack in the Box restaurant or the tiring climb up the hill to Universal Studios for some good old tourist sightseeing, all with plenty of links to YouTube.

Other bands may have done this -- I don't claim to be an expert (please, point out others in the comments), but I think it is a really interesting use of social media to try to build a community around the band's effort.

You know those "rockumentaries" of the '70s and '80s, following bands around on tour. This reminds me of that, only in a new free-form documentary style that unfolds chapter by chapter. I find it kind of appealing.



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