Sunday, February 08, 2004

I'm in Florida for a Poynter seminar on teaching convergence, so will post irregularly this week. But did have a chance to visit the much-vaunted TBO/WFLA/Trib Newscenter (independently of the Poynter stuff), and for now, it appears that "convergence" has hit some doubts. Several folks said there still are a lot of internal "silos," and there are some new internal instructions that "clarify" how stories can be withheld from other platforms. None of this is any surprise; we're going to continue to have this ying and yang as long as the output platforms are separate. So these newsrooms appear to be no more along the "convergence continuum" than "coopertition." Still, it's a start. But stay tuned. I think you'll hear more about the problems here. I hope Media General continues to be as open as it has been, even as the problems become more apparent. It's the only way we all can learn, and I applaud the company and its officials not only for what they have tried, but for being willing to share with a minimum of spin.


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