Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Is there any doubt ...
That blogging has reached the big time? NPR did a story this morning on the changes at Blogger. OK, it was NPR, but still ...
(It was in a newscast, so no link available.)

On a tech note: Blogger support says its form worked fine in Net 7.1 and XP, so I shall download 7.1 and try (I had 7.02). But the new forms and Netscape still don't always want to play nice. On my Mac in Net 7.1, couldn't properly update the profile today. The entire form would not load. Had to do it in Safari. So still looking for any suggestions or similar problems.

Yeah, I put the photo up on the profile. What the hey. It's on the school's site, so it's no secret. And, yes, I used to be a TV anchor/producer. Really. I still have the Beta tapes (that's how long ago ...). Sri if the photo crashes your browser (grin).


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