Monday, May 31, 2004

Passing of Prints the Chaff, but Tom remains
I lament the passing of Tom Mangan's Prints the Chaff blog -- one of those I read as often as classes and office hours and research and committee meetings and ... allowed. Tom is really one of the stellar lights in this editing biz. But I think his reasons are as sound as they get -- the pressure to be a "real" blogger by posting every day is too great for those of us who want to have a life. So, ta da! Tom happily unveils his new site "Busy Being Born," where he will post occasionally. And judging from what's there now, just as insightfully. This will give me even more reason to check my newsreader -- to see if one of Tom's nuggets has arrived like an unexpected present from a wise uncle who shows up when you least expect him. I've adjusted the links on the right, keeping the old Prints the Chaff, where Tom has a good list of resources, and adding the new one.

(And Tom, I'm jealous of the new digs. I want the workshop. Here in South Carolina we have things under houses that are often too big to be called crawl spaces but too small to be basements -- just the right size to be useless.)


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