Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dang, this actually works ...

Finally, a break ... which gives me a moment to catch up:

-- Yes, it is possible to do breaking news on these things. Check out the break we got on the SC Dem. chair saying party's got enough ammo to get Nader off state ballot. But then there's the tyranny of the image. And we didn't get one of the main newsmaker (OK, this is a learning experience, right?). So we ended up having to write around it, producing a rather awkward lede (who cared about Jenrette, really?). Another teaching/learning moment.

-- Really like these mini-essays. See homeless (really sweet) and Edwards and GOP oppo roundup (an example of the value of news resourcers). Now we're working on using Visual Communicator to produce a video slide show on being gay in Boston. Lots of activity in that realm today. Check here to see if it works. (As of this filing, it's not up yet.)

-- Speaking of video and stuff: Yes, we can do it on this site (example from yesterday shot at Newsplex) and did during the primary. No, the phones that Cingular has given us don't have that capability, and the one of ours we have that does have video/audio -- well let's just say there are "issues" with their brand vs. our brand. (snarl) So we've shipped a video camera. Were going to shoot the Boston Pops tonight with fireworks -- cool, except now that's postponed until tomorrow. Sigh ... But we're going to see what we can get from the floor tonight.

-- I now can officially say we are coordinated. Only took two days. Not bad.

Ernie, Geoff, Bryan, Marc, Julie, Scott, Kerry and Randy are a fantastic crew to work with. Not to mention Ernie's students and the crew in Beantown.

On to native son Edwards tonight.


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