Sunday, July 25, 2004

Kudos to Textamerica

As we get ready to resume the Wireless Election Connection moblog, kudos is due to Chris Hoar and the folks at Textamerica, which is providing the moblog publishing system.

After we showed in February with the S.C. primary that such a moblog can work, Chris & Co. got to work on many of the suggestions we made to make this a viable publishing system -- things like review before posting, full featured editing, easier interfaces, etc. They did a heck of a job, and although you won't see it on the moblog, behind the scenes is going to be a lot easier because of that.

Textamerica now has its system to the point where I'd recommend that small to medium-sized publishers looking for a way to extend their Web franchises look at it and seriously talk to Chris about ways to integrate the moblog concept into their sites.

The Wireless Election Connection goes live tomorrow night, although we have started posting a few things about the staff. That picture you see on the right rail is one of the enhancements -- the ability to automatically harvest the latest post from the moblog and put it on your site.


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