Thursday, July 29, 2004

Solving a (minor) problem

We've struggled with an editorial logistics problem at the Wireless Election Connection.

If you've been following it, we've been experimenting with mini-essays to stretch the form beyone what some consider just shallow captions. These mini-essays tie together a series of photos. The problem: We often get a bunch of photos but then have to wait for the words (that's natural -- the reporter is snapping away, not writing). If we hold the photos, that defeats the object of quick filing. If we quick file, that leaves us with disjointed photos on the main page. (Yes, they are aggregated in categories, but no guarantee someone will go there.)

So we came up with this ... at the bottom of each of the captions, put a line like: See more of "Who is John Kerry? (example) That signals that it's part of the larger package and lets the user link back.

Which points up another lesson -- It's probably a good idea to put together a brief stylebook considering some of these issues. We didn't do that here, but I think I'll propose one for the GOP convention.



At 7/30/04, 7:18 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Like the solution you've come up with to the problem. Looks good to me, and I think people'll figure out there's more there.


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