Sunday, July 25, 2004

Up and running

Been an interesting first night of the Wireless Election Connection moblog. Of course there were the usual last-minute issues to be resolved: What style do we use on headlines (decided: up-and-down); how do we handle bylines (bold, etc.); what new story threads do we need to create (of course, things never fall into the ones you initially thought out). And there were the usual questions from the editors: What street was that on? How long, exactly was that march? We have two different spellings on this name; which one is correct?(Or the alternative -- "I just realized I spelled that street name wrong. Is it too late to change it?")

And finally, of course, "My cell phone is dying. Gotta go."

Only had one lost picture so far, and some really good images and quotes. Waiting for Bill and Hillary to appear at Rock the Vote, then home for a few hours before back to handle reports from the morning commute.


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