Thursday, July 29, 2004

Yep, video

Had to take the morning off to teach a class of Social Security folks (see them at Newsplex afterward).

Video -- it works on the blog. (here and here -- this last one is especially interesting because we put it together using stills and Visual Communicator) OK, so it's grainy, etc., and the one on being gay in Boston was woefully far behind because of technical problems. But it's a start. (Ifra's Kerry Northrup and Newsplex's Julie Nichols (link to come -- in an oversight I see she is not up on the blog) get a special ataboys for figuring out that Visual Communicator stuff. (And to Ernie and Geoff for coming up with the idea.)

Still struggling with getting enough shots of delegates with extended cutlines that well-define their issues. Have some and hope to build a much larger mosaic tonight when JK speaks.


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