Thursday, August 12, 2004

A TV site I like

Back from Toronto with a bunch of stuff to talk about, but first wanted to note a site I've been meaning to write up.

With many TV stations still underplaying their video assets on the Web (or if they have them, not displaying them well), New York's WNBC-TV is worth noting. Happened to stop there today to catch up on the resignation of New Jersey's governor (story). The quick use of the screen grabs to put together a slide show shows how to leverage assets to get something up in the interim and not be so tied to the need to produce a full video report that you're effectively frozen. The "video" feed (file video with a reporter's phoner saying resignation expected) is a bit out of date at this hour, hizzoner having now announced his resignation, especially when the company that handles WNBC's video is Feedroom, which has AP video of the governor's announcement.

Feedroom is one of the smarter video sites around. This partnership now has about 20 stations using its services. Its grid is a great way to highlight available video -- much smarter than buried links.

Of course, some stations have to spoil a good thing. The Tribune's WB-33 in Dallas-Fort Worth makes you watch what (by the Real Player counter) is a 25-second commercial before seeing the video (you can use the slider to get past that). OK, I'll put up with the ad, but keep it to :15 -- more than that is too much if you want people to stick with you.

Feedroom began in mid-2000 (company timeline), so it's disappointing only a handful of stations are using it (and that so many still don't really use their video assets well). And there has been bemoaning that it shows how TV stations are ceding control of their video assets instead of developing good sites in-house (Poynter post).

But if you have a high-speed connection, Feedroom should be one of your bookmarks. Here's an interview with its CEO, Joe Klein.


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