Sunday, October 24, 2004

An anguished voice

Over at the other blog project I'm runing with two dozen students, A J-School Year, comes the angst from a student wondering whether print is dead:

I used to have a theory that a Print Journalism major can do broadcast journalism with fair ease: that it is just a bunch of wiring know-how and field experience. I was convinced that if you can write, you can do anything, including reading your writing to a camera and crew. But now I'm not so sure. Eventually, I want to do both. Or at least avert the proverbial "slamming door" of not getting the right degree for undergrad. I want to produce news.

That was followed by a comment from a high school student aspiring to journalism, specifically to be a TV anchor, with similar doubts about the future.

I've posted a rather lengthy reply incorporating some of the Lessons from Newsplex here as well as my 30 years across media in this business. I invite you to click on over and add your two cents' worth. If I'm out in left field, let 'em know. Students need to hear from professonals in these matters.

Our tracking shows that A J-School Year is read by a widening audience of journalism majors and aspiring majors in high school and college. It tracks a year in an American journalism school.


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