Monday, October 25, 2004

John Rains' new address

Small Town Press, a wonderful journalism site that had especially good stuff for beginning writers and editors, appears to have gone dark. It's been unreachable the past few days.

John Rains, the writing coach at the Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer, had an excellent blog on there. His e-mail to me:

I don't know what has happened to Small Town Press. I haven't been able to access it for days. I think the owner just has too many other things going on to pay attention to it. I can't reach her by e-mail. ... I have set up a blog at another site, and I plan to put some content on it in the next few days. You can find it here:
I have also set up another Web page here:

We'll be looking forward to it, John. I've also updated the links in my right rail if you want a quick-click way to get to it in the future.


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