Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dear TV: See that face in the mirror? It's the problem.

Read Terry Heaton's plaintive post over at API's Morph blog that basically asks why TV folks don't seem to get it when it comes to media changes.

I hear two constant refrains that are deeply troubling as the industry makes its necessary transformation into multimedia distributors.
One, TV news people are reluctant to get involved on the Web side of their stations. While I'm sure a lack of knowledge contributes to this, there is a sense that newsroom employees view the Internet as a bastard stepchild. If true, this is appallingly short-sighted and extremely self-destructive. I don't care what your current priorities are, you are contributing to the demise of your industry by not personally gaining the skills necessary to compete in a multimedia world. ...
Secondly, TV newspeople are reluctant to assist in the economic well-being of the companies for which they work. ...
I cringe when I read the threads at various industry discussion boards, for they reveal a group of people oblivious to reality, taken with their own importance, and cavalier in their attitudes towards others.
This is vintage Heaton. Read much more of the good stuff on his POMO blog at


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