Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Some words of reality on newpaper blogs

Variety's Brian Lowry has another of those bring-us-down-to-earth columns, this one on the established media's rush to blog.

A sample:

The difficulty with blogging from events like press tour or the network upfronts isn't the level of blather about stars and parties. It's that if blogs are supposed to provide a free-wheeling, unfiltered glimpse into journalists' psyches, newspaper-sanctioned versions are hard-pressed to honestly convey the mind's tendency to stray faced with the tedium of wall-to-wall press conferences.

The more pertinent problem, however, is whether anyone in charge has a clear sense for whom such excruciating detail is intended. Because so far, anyway, traditional media's adventures in the blogosphere apparently give scant thought to how their newfangled toy benefits consumers, confusing extra volume with legitimate value.

Can we get an Amen?


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