Friday, August 26, 2005

Jon Stewart Unwires Wired

If you want a good laugh, go read Wired's interview with Jon Stewart and Ben Karlin, executive producer of "The Daily Show."

Wired is trying hard, so very hard, to make Stewart and Karlin into the sages of TV's future -- and they're throwing the cowpies right back. As Stewart says at the end, when asked how people will watch his show in 2008:
No, listen. We make the doughnuts; we don't drive the truck. I have no idea. I assume there are people in white lab coats working on that very thing. And I'm sure at some point it will be in liquid form.
Some other Stewarticisms:
-- Thomas Goetz so badly wanted Stewart to say his controversial appearance on CNN's "Crossfire" was "good television": Boy, I never want to be part of something called "good television." I can tell you that with certainty. That is not a comfortable place to be. But you know what it was? It was a person not playing the role that is prescribed to them under normal circumstances. But I also think that it's fun for people to send those things to each other or check them out.
On the rush to pour money into new ways to deliver TV: But how much do you need TV to be available in convenient form? It already is convenient - we have the DVR. Do you need TV on your watch as you walk from your cell phone to your BlackBerry? At what point do we get saturated enough to say, "OK, I get it! We can get anything we want at any time! Let's go sit around a large table and eat a meal in silence"? Sometimes this shit's just overkill.
-- What are the risks of the new spinoff, "The Colbert Report": Karlin: We won't know what to do with the money.
Stewart: Yeah. Actually, that is a risk.

It's all part of Wired's generally good -- but somtimes overbreathless -- look at the future of TV.


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