Monday, August 01, 2005

Once again, crime doesn't pay

At least not, apparently, for Snitch, the feisty crime sheet that published for a little over a year in Columbia (see previous post for details).

I'm sorry to see it go. Though the advertising was slim and most of the content was prepackaged from the Snitch mothership in Louisville, it was a fun read, especially the crime blotter. And publisher Jerry Adams nurtured some of our young journalists with some good assignments -- not all of them blood and gore -- that you didn't see in the other papers in town, things like a profile of the area's wacky traffic reporters.

Jerry, a fomer newspaper reporter and spokesman for the state Education Department, has returned to the education fold as the new spokesman for the Charleston County public schools.

Jerry's e-mail to me gives a succinct reason: The Charleston thing was too good to pass up and Snitch never quite got the advertising traction we had hoped."

Spoken like a true PR person (grin).


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