Thursday, September 15, 2005

AP asap

From comes word that AP's "asap," its new premium service for the 18-34 segment, launches Monday. It's described as being put out by "mostly 20-something and 30-something journalists (see earlier press release). It's described as "a new product designed for use with every news format, including the Internet, wireless, newspapers and niche publications."

More frrom today's New York Times. It says more than 100 papers have signed up. Ted Anthony tells the Times that, for instance, AP reporters might file their regular stories but then, for asap, audio clips recounting their journeys or photo essays or blog entries. Anthony and Ruth Gersh, AP's director of online services, promise a sophisiticated read for readers who they say want sophisticated coverage. Anthony says that means a lot more use of the word "you" -- within the AP, that would be revolutionary.

(It will be interesting to see how this translates of often already-working-to-the-gills domestic bureau staffs, especially with word from some old friends that AP's been cutting back on some bureau staffs as it "realigns.")

Staci at PaidContent has it right when she observes: "First response from here: the proof will be in the pudding, yada yada, runs the risk of being next-gen NIE (newspapers in education). We'll know more when it's actually available for viewing. Until then, one word of caution -- the team's age doesn't matter nearly as much as the results they deliver."


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