Sunday, September 04, 2005

Using Google Map for N.O. info

Steve Yelvington points to an interesting use of Google map -- New Orleaneans helping each other find out what the conditions are in the neighborhoods they left behind. The site, has more questions than answers on the map in many places, but it's just one more example of how people will form their own information exchanges.
Here, for example is one entry:

8532 Hickory - Need info on Bennie Johnson & Marijuana Hayes

Bennie and Marijuana are OK. Water is only ankle deep as of 9/3 am
Added: 09/03 13:40
That's the good news. Then there are some that are plain scary:

No water damage. However, looting is rampant. Two stolen public buses driving up and down Burgundy and looting the houses. Everyone is armed.
Added: 09/03 10:14

No police. No national guard. Just anarchy.
Added: 09/03 10:17

The drawback, of course, is that at the epicenter, there aren't a lot of computer connections working.

Still, keeping that in mind --and that news staffs are swamped down there and have barely enough time just updating what they've got -- this could be an interesting way to bring more information and leads into your newsroom. Something definitely to consider in cases where there is less destruction or more planning time.


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