Thursday, September 15, 2005

Watch for Flock

Wired News has an interesting story about Flock, a new browser being developed by folks who worked on Firefox. What's different is that this is a "social browser," to integrate things like Flikr, and Technorati. The point here is that Flock is designed to take advantage of the social interactions on the Internet, rather than just treating it like a large library of pages. Should be interesting. Wonder how far behind this will leave existing -- and rather static -- newspaper and other media sites if it takes off.

(Flock also has a great extensions page for existing Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird users.)


On another note, just happened to notice Google's net-wide blogsearch. You have to go to "more" off the main page to get to it. Here are a bunch of links with various comments.


At 9/16/05, 1:37 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Did you happen to notice that Flock's website looks kinda like Flickr's pages, at least in color scheme and how the "tags" pages are set up?

Just a thought.


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