Friday, October 14, 2005

Credibility: search engines 63, trad media 35

Maybe it's just me, but I find this Online Media Daily article scary.

Yes, the study referenced is co-sponsored by Yahoo, but still:
The findings, presented Tuesday in New York, included the conclusion that 81 percent of college students rated search engines as the best source of information; friends and family were rated best by 64 percent of students, while just 34 percent said traditional media was their best source of information. (The numbers add up to more than 100 because an information source was considered "best" if students placed it in the top two boxes on a five-point scale.)
When it came to trustworthiness, search came in second to family and friends--but by a small margin. Sixty-five percent of students said that family and friends were the most credible source of information, but 63 percent said the same about search; only 35 percent rated traditional media as most credible.
If college students truly find search results to be that much better and more credible, we have bigggggg problems, folks, and I'm not just talking MSM.

The family and friends I understand (and a lot of trad media still don't, I think). Students I talk to clearly use the "referrer" method of finding out about important news -- they hear from Mom or a friend and then track down the link and follow some others. The true "web," in other words.


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