Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Annual job survey - interesting note

Just had a chance to dive a bit into the University of Georgia's annual survey of journalism graduates and whether they're working (and for how much).The news is good, and has been broadcast elsewhere, the short version being more graduates are working at better pay, with a median starting salary for bachelor's degres of $27,800. In current dollars, the salary earned by the 2004 graduates is the highest ever received, surpassing the old top salary of $26,988 earned by 2000 graduates.

But something else caught my eye as I dove into the stats: One in five of the graduates with a job is writing and editing for the web and about one in 20 is designing and building web pages. From time to time, dissent still arises about whether our students should be taught multiple media strategies. I think those numbers should largely put that to rest.

A few other interesting findings:
  • As is true for the public at large, journalism and mass communication graduates make less use of the news media today than they did 10 years ago.
  • Journalism graduates are much more likely to report using the Internet for news than is the public at large.
  • Journalism graduates are as likely to use the Internet for news as to read a newspaper.

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