Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Word Mint

OK, enough already with the outsourcing!

Now, the subcontinent has taken over making up our new words for us.

Joking aside, Word Mint, which describes itself as New words minted fresh for the world by wordsmiths from India is an interesting and new blog stop.

Some of them are pretty silly and others pretty predictable. But some catch my fancy:

  • Dull Jazeera: A boring TV channel.
    Usage: If you don't take a set-top box, chances are you might end up with all the dull jazeeras of the world.

  • Foolean Algebra: The grossly illogical calculations made by people who make stupid assumptions.
    Usage: The NDA goverment dissolved the parliament earlier than its expiry date based on some foolean algebra proferred by some bright young minds in the BJP.

  • Paper Condom: A token safety measure that offers no guarantee of risk reduction.
    Usage: The Indian government's tsunami management plan is nothing but a paper condom. (Make up your own one here about the latest industry steps to stem circulation losses.)

  • Socktail: A pair of different coloured socks.
    Usage: What do you think of my latest socktail?
    (Could be confused with 'socktail,' which also means a mix of blows to various parts of the body.)

I especially identify with the last one as I look down ...


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