Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Life" isn't what it used to be

I was catching up on some weekend newspaper reading and came across this in one of my local dailies:

Lloyd said each faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years if convicted. The maximum sentence is life in prison, a $4 million fine and at least five years of supervised release.
Think about it. Obviously, an editor or two didn't.


At 4/12/06, 1:31 AM, Blogger Mel said...

I dunno. Maybe it should have read "life sentence", but a life sentence only runs an average of 20 years or so any more.

At 4/12/06, 1:54 AM, Blogger Doug said...

This is a fed case, so life is supposed to run longer. But even so, wouldn't it have been nice to say something like "and, if they are released early, at least five years of supervised release"?

Why make the reader sit there and go "Huh?" -- even for a second -- when all it took was a slightly deft editing touch?

At 4/12/06, 8:57 AM, Blogger fev said...

And if they catch you running around outside the family crypt without the monitoring device, they cut your head off and fill your mouth with garlic. It's rough down there in South Carolina.

At 4/14/06, 7:30 PM, Blogger sallie said...

Is it me or is the real problem here that 'mandatory minimum sentence' is redundant?

At 4/14/06, 8:01 PM, Blogger Doug said...

That's another problem, too.


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