Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wire editor - it's not just the wires anymore

As we've discussed from time to time in these here parts, copy editing is likely to see some changes coming soon.

So we present this example for your consideration. Admittedly, Bakersfield is one of the more progressive shops in the country, but even so, how many current copy editors can say they have the skills to be Bakersfield's national editor with a job description like this:

Instead of depending solely on the usual services, the successful candidate will know how to scan leading blogs, the networks, talk radio and understand how to use the entire Internet to identify "Topic A" stories that will engage our readers.
From the ACES jobs board.

And note that it's not just the copydesk. The Columbus Dispatch is outsourcing its ad graphics design work to a company that does most of it in India.

Poynter catches up to our discussions here about the future of copy editing with this column by Joe Grimm.

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At 11/15/06, 9:35 AM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

As a former wire editor (and still one of sorts on my blog), these "new" qualifications seem to be inherent in the job. A good wire editor is plugged into all of that.

I am concerned, however, that news judgment could get warped by those sources, especially talk radio. Being aware of what those outlets are saying is good; falling under their spell is not.

At 11/16/06, 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, all of that assumes a local newspaper should even HAVE a wire editor ...

FWIW: I was once a wire editor :-) ... I really enjoyed that part of my job, but I was a LOUSY copy editor, which was also part of my duties, so I went back to being a reporter.

At 11/27/06, 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

India? Oh man, insert "The World is Flat" quote here.


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