Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quiet on the set ... 'er, newsroom

So if you needed any more proof that this isn't your father's newspaper anymore, consider this thread that's getting active discussion over at the newspaper video group on Yahoo -- how to dress a studio set.

It opened with a question from a Colorado paper that wants to start shooting a talk show with its sports reporters from its newsroom "studio" (it now does most of the shooting outside).

Now folks from other papers are weighing in with suggestions from what they are doing at their papers -- from setting up some used sports lockers adorned with team jerseys, to painting things matte black and hanging prints, to the ubiquitous potted-plant-and-big-screen-monitor look.

Remember the days when the only "decor" being discussed in a newsroom was where to hide the day-old pizza boxes and bottles of "refreshments" when word came that the newsroom was going to have visitors?

I know by now this should be registering with most folks, but from my talks with students and professionals I still find a lot of cases where it isn't. So it bears repeating: In the current frenzy (until the blush comes off the rose a bit), it may say newspaper on the door, but get your video face on.

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