Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rosenberg's nine rules of journalism

A hilarious column by Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press on the nine rules of journalism. (Thanks to Danny Sanchez at Journalistopia for the outpoint.)

Among the rules:

-- Be balanced. No matter what anybody says, find somebody to say the opposite. If a scientist claims to have a cure for cancer, find somebody who says cancer does not exist. If a man says "My name is Fred," make sure you find somebody who says "No, your name is Diane." Etc.

-- If the President of the United States is accused of violating the law on the same day that an African country erupts into civil war and an especially gloomy economic report is released, and you must decide which one is your lead story, ask yourself this: Did the local sports team just win a big game?

-- Internet, Schminternet. It will be gone in five years. People will always love reading a newspaper -- and so will you, our intrepid reporter, once you accept our buyout offer.

-- When working at the New York Post, make sure your story includes all six W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why and With What Kind of Lubricant.

Go read the rest. Have a good laugh.

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At 6/12/07, 11:13 AM, Blogger Timothy Eckstein said...

Doug Fisher.

I would like to first say hello, very fancy finding a blog run (in its entirety) by adults (I use adults plural seeing as how somebody had to purchase the domain for teens to be able to use it).

I must admit, I do not have much of a sense of humor in the mornings, so I can't say much for what I thought of "Rosenberg's nine rules of journalism", though this evening I should be able to laugh myself silly.

I invite you to my blog realitythenewfrontier.blogspot.com.
I also want to ask permission to put a link to your blog(s) on mine.

Thank you for your time,
-Timothy Eckstein

At 6/12/07, 12:20 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Welcome aboard. You are most certainly welcome to link to this blog. Hope you enjoy it from time to time.


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