Monday, May 19, 2008

Air Fox

Hey, if your TV station's morning show is a little boring, then take a minute to head over the the newest digital gewgaw hatched by those folks at Chicago's Fox station, WFLD.

The folks that also are bringing you, which lets you watch scores of stations' unedited video feeds, now have a nifty site that lets you watch WFLD's news helicopter live as it goes about its business doing morning traffic reports (other times you get the "skyline" cam or, as a few minutes ago, someone having much too much fun playing with the joystick.)

Unfortunately, WFLD has chosen to go with Windows media streaming, which means there will be a few glitches for Mac users. First, remember you will need the Flip4Mac plug-in so that you can watch Windows media through Quicktime. And you'll get uneven performance with Mozilla browsers. It worked OK in Firefox and Safari but never came up in Seamonkey.

But risk-averse newsrooms everywhere could take a page from WFLD News Director Andrew Finlayson's playbook. As he wrote to me in an e-mail: We try to move it and improve it instead of having a lot of specs to satisfy ...

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At 5/19/08, 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw your post on Technorati home page. You are doing some good work!
Your Fox mention reminded me to follow up with them on a story I've been in touch with them, that was a bad prepositional way to end a sentence.
Matt Baron, Oak Park IL

At 5/21/08, 11:21 AM, Blogger Tony said...

Nice heads up on those new feeds. Yeah, it's too bad content providers stay with WMV, but Flip4Mac *did* play it fine...thanks heavens for that plug in...would be a different world for Mac users, without it.


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