Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curley rolls the dice

In case you hadn't hear elsewhere, Rob Curley, one of the uber new(s) media types/web develppers who came out of Lawrence, Kan., worked his magic in Naples, Fla., and went on to be vice president of new product development at Washington Post Interactive (full bio) is now headed to Las Vegas.

Curley's bringing along a gaggle of WPI staffers and former interns to the Las Vegas Sun and the Greenspun print and broadcast properties. The Sun already is one of the online intelligentsia's hot properties -- it is impressive with what it is doing on the Web, having the short end of the JOA stick as it does in the gambling mecca -- and with Curley & Co. on board, it should be smokin'.

Derek Willis has a cold-eyed assessment of Curley's time at WPNI: It would be a bigger ouch for WPNI if Curley’s team was more a part of the organization, but it was clear from early on that they were, if I can borrow the phrase, a pluggable app rather than deeply ingrained in the organization.

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