Thursday, July 16, 2009

Police scanners online

Yet another tool: Shoutcast has eight pages of police scanner channels you can monitor.

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At 7/19/09, 6:09 PM, Blogger Peg said...

Just a reminder - recording and airing or posting scanner traffic is illegal in many states. Fine to monitor, but be aware of your state's (and others') statutes before you think about including this audio in a story! :)

At 7/19/09, 6:26 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Good point. Some papers a couple of years ago had posted scanner links on their sites, touching off a debate about legality, but I think that was settled. The Evansville Courier Press, for instance, has a live feed on its site

And here's another source for scanner links


Paul Wiggins, who saw this on my Facebook site, wrote in to note that there are also some iPhone apps that now allow the phone to pick up these streams and function as scanners. That could be interesting.


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