Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spoken like a true AP vet

I didn't have nearly as long at the AP (18 years) as Richard Pyle (49), but a lot of memories come flooding back of what a rocking place it was to work, starting with Pyle's first response to Dana Kennedy's asking him to "wax romantic" on the occasion of his and about 100 others' departure as the AP cleans out its veterans:
Oh, Christ, I don't have time. I'm up to my ass in trying to retire. It's very difficult, all the bullshit and bureaucracy, it's the worst part of it.

Meanwhile, AP's PR man, Paul Colford, says of the recent round of buyouts:

"No doubt yesterday was an unusual day at AP, with so many veteran colleagues leaving at once."

Way to go, Paul.

A couple of other great quotes from the Pyle interview that I identify with:

I once heard the AP described as the Marine Corps of journalism. You know, we take the beach and then everyone else comes in with the heavy artillery -- and we're in there to the bitter end as well.
I never felt office politics was a big issue. Every place I worked in the AP, the focus seemed to be on doing the job.
There's so much emphasis on celebrity coverage, even at the AP. I don't even like the word celebrity. I don't know what the hell that word means. It's disappointing. There's been a decline in standards and this new attitude about covering the news as opinion. Nobody should give a rat's ass about a reporter's opinion.

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