Thursday, January 21, 2010

Those pesky directions

Fev, at Heads Up the Blog, spotlighted a wee little error in the NYT in an article on the reunion of the crew and passengers who were aboard the USAir flight that ditched into the Hudson River a year ago.

Forty degrees 46 minutes 10.19 seconds north latitude, 74 degrees 16.69 seconds south latitude: Michael Leonard had been there before.

Oops, as the Times' corrections column later noted.

An article on Saturday about a reunion of the passengers and crew aboard the US Airways jet that crash-landed onto the Hudson River a year ago misstated the location of the crash and the event that occurred 90 seconds into the flight. The crash was at 40 degrees 46 minutes 10.19 seconds north latitude, and 74 degrees 16.69 seconds west longitude — not south latitude. It was the intake of geese by the plane’s engines that took place at the 90-second mark, not the crash itself.

Problem is, it's not just enough to acknowledge the correction, you have to correct the correction correctly too (just follow along now ...). Look closely:

Yep. Now it's "west latitude."

Is there a Boy Scout with a compass anywhere near the Times' HQ? If so, be a good lad and do a good deed by dropping in and helping out the folks, will ya?

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