Friday, May 14, 2010

Online Mugging

Over the years, I've been truly po'd at some bosses, enough so to get into shouting matches with them (not my proudest moments). And there are times I probably should be thankful the Internet and blogging and comments didn't exist, or I might have been one of those contributing to this online mugging of a departing ABC producer.

(Who knows, as a former boss I might have been the object of one of these, too.)

You always expect a few complaints, but were I a top exec at ABC, I'd be thinking long and hard about the string of vitriol here. I'm of the "if there's smoke, there's fire" school, and this seems like a conflagration that has been smoldering for years.

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At 5/16/10, 1:01 PM, Anonymous Michael Farrell said...

The most telling line in the original article is this one: "Mimi Gurbst liked to advise her colleagues on various ways to improve their personal and professional lives."

I'm not troubled by the online mugging. Maybe she had it coming? She's out of news and into something entirely different--her true love, it seems--so the comments won't exactly trail in her wake.


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