Friday, July 30, 2010

One Day on Earth

While I was digitally disconnected for most of the summer, this message came in from Joe Clarke Jr.. Looks like an interesting project:

I'm reaching out to Common Sense Journalism because I am specifically interested in reaching journalists around the world.  As your blog reaches a lot of aspiring journalists, I would love to introduce your readership to a global media project that I think they would support.

On Oct. 10, thousands of people from every nation around the world will film their perspective and contribute their voice to one of the largest participatory media events in history. The event will result in a feature documentary and online video archive that will showcase the diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that can occur in one day on earth. Our immediate goal is to expand interest in the project; the more people we have involved, the more accurate and comprehensive a record of the planet we can create.

We hope you will support our efforts by highlighting our event on Common Sense Journalism. Please consider promoting our call to action on Common Sense Journalism: Help Document the World’s Story on 10.10.10. 

You can learn more about One Day On Earth on our website:

Our trailer can be viewed here:

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