Thursday, September 23, 2010

WOWO - the day the earth stood still

Long ago, I worked for one of the rockingest-ever news organizations, Group W News (the old Westinghouse Broadcasting). Part of that included a stint at 50,000-watt WOWO in Fort Wayne. There's a great history site for the station that brings back those great radio days.

There are photos of station mementos and lots of airchecks, including a couple with yours truly. (I've mentioned the site before, but Webmaster Randy Meyer, who is doing this out of a love for the station, has put up a tremendous amount of new stuff in recent months.

And Nick McCormac now has sent me this great other site about a legendary day in WOWO's history - the day the Emergency Broadcast System went haywire and WOWO had three states thinking there might be a nuclear attack under way.

And why do they call me "Darling Doug Fisher"? You've gotta listen to find out. (MP3)

Good times. Not to be too over-the-top nostalgic, but those really were fun days in radio - even if we did occasionally scare the beejezus out of people.

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