Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social networking: Google Plus

Or, more correctly, "Google +" - now released in beta.

It has some interesting features, and I predict we will see some people defect from Facebook and others add it as their truly private social network (I think many folks are going to keep FB for some time because it is, right now, the town square of the Web. PC World has a good rundown.

I definitely can see this catching on with my students.

However, the Financial Times does point out the "resharing" feature
could be a privacy hole (you can apparently turn that off, but not easily)

Computerworld  suggests that with a little tweaking to work with Google Docs, this could be a solution for collaboration within organizations (certainly would have to be better than the ill-fated Google Wave).

So this will be one more thing newsrooms will have to think about - and it reinforces the management challenges. It's so much easier when you have a Facebook that gives you "one stop shopping" to reach an audience, but it's not going to be that way anymore. It's going to take serious thought about where your audience is and how to reach them - not just mindless, robotic distribution.

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At 6/30/11, 9:30 AM, Anonymous BenN said...

Look at it sensibly - even on Facebook you can download the picture of your friend and re-upload it to anywhere on the web. The reshare feature might make it slightly easier to do (even if it's by accident) but turnin git off doesn't mean your content is magically safe.

Bottom line - If you put it on the Internet, expect it to be public.

At 6/30/11, 11:02 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Don't disagree at all.

My take on this is that since Goog is promoting the "circles" idea, though, as a way to post to only certain folks, then it's probably worth noting this. It's also worth noting because Plus is still in Beta, and Goog is looking for input to fix things.

This one may be a simple as moving a "do not share" button under the posting form.

At 7/13/11, 1:46 PM, Anonymous Raghav said...

Everything looks good except getting the invite part. Many sites like skipser offer free google plus invites. But it would have been much better if there was a simple sign up.

At 7/16/11, 2:57 AM, Anonymous social media for churches said...

I was on the pre-invite list but for some reason, the invite never came and I am locked out. It is very weird for me to write about something that I did not experience first hand and also very weird for me to not have access to a new Google product early.


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