Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Turmoil at 'The State'?

Two things you won't necessarily read in The State today (or tomorrow):
  • Buyouts are being offered to two more copy editors, pretty much decimating the desk. That leaves what, two or three? Makes me believe even more the preparations are to move the work to Charlotte's new hub.
  • One of the biggest advertisers, Jewelry Warehouse, has pulled its ads after "boycott" messages from fans upset over columnist Ron Morris flooded various Gamecock message boards. Mediation hasn't worked so far, and if this post at 9 a.m. on the Cocky Talk board is to believed as coming from JW President Scott Satterfield, it's not getting much better:
To all Gamecock fans,

You will see a half page ad for baseball posters that we sell which were produced by the state. WE DID NOT RUN THAT AD - The State did.

I am in the process of seeing when they scheduled this and if I find it was after my conversation with them about ad suspention, then we'll have a whole different conversation today.

I am very tired of the controversy and am hoping this was not a concious effort by them, because it messes with the appearance of my word I gave Gamecock fans.

We have worked on many projects together and the state has control of when they run - we just were an outlet

Please, let's get on with the football games - Scott Satterfield

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