Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got those journalism blues

Sure, things are tough in the business. Reporters are being given Sisyphean lists of things to do in this age of social media, bringing the predictable backlash.

But hey, what good is it if you can't sing about it? Awhile back, the "Copy Editor's Lament" went viral (well, OK, maybe it was just a slight sniffle, but still it was fun).

The latest entry, from the Texas Center for Community Journalism, is worthy of a watch/listen. If you've got those journalism blues, pour a glass of your favorite adult beverage, lean back, flip on the video and nod along. Time to get in a mellow mood before the holiday tryptophan kicks in.

That "journalism blues" link also helpfully has the words so you can sing along - or for that next karaoke night.

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