Monday, September 03, 2012

Sununu - red in the face? NY Times has him that way.

So I was pointed to this caption on a NY Times video by the weekly roundup from World Wide Words (one of the best sites on the Web, IMHO).

The former governor of New Jersey John Sununu is a fierce supporter of Mitt Romney, and prone to going rouge, often saying the things the Romney campaign can't.
Oops - that should be Sununu going rogue, not "rouge."

An easy-to-make error. But there's a bigger error (not caught by the folks at WWW): Sununu isn't former governor of New Jersey, but of New Hampshire.

While we're at it, drop the comma after "Romney" and go for a more elegant phrasing: Former N.H. Gov. John Sununu is a fierce supporter of Mitt Romney and is prone to going rogue, ...

Here's a shot of the Times' error on Shelf3D.

It's also on YouTube. (The perils of modern multiplatform distribution.)

Yet another reason all work should get a glance by an editor.

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