Friday, October 31, 2014

Alice Fraser takes a comedic look at modern journalism

Australian comedian Alice Fraser takes a wonderfully sardonic look at modern journalism in her "Why journalists don't fact check anymore."

This is the way news works now. Speculation regurgitated as fact, swallowed as news, excreted as statistic, rehashed as opinion and commented on as though it were a completely different article about something else entirely. Since the 100% true story from history of that emperor who wasnt wearing any clothes but everyone agreed that he was wearing clothes because the SMH had picked up a picture of some clothes from Reuters, news has been full of circle-jerk hearsay, the kind of drippy dribbling mouth to mouth communication that coughs itself up into a  foetid phlegm of hot, secondhand, coagulated lung fluid. Or so I hear. Ill have to check Wikipedia. Lets just agree to agree that the News is as fukt as the world or that Ikea table I shouldnt have just tried to sit on, and I dont know that we can fix it. Just, maybe dont trust it with your full bodyweight. 

Read the whole article. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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