Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Yahoo Finance: Playing a little loose with quotes

So when does butting two quotes together -- even with the attribution in the middle -- become misleading?

I generally tell students to avoid it unless there is all but the shortest of breaks between them.

Yahoo Finance took some serious liberties with this one, however, in this story about T-Mobile taking on Verizon.

Here is the quote in the story:

"There is huge price competition going on among the carriers and it's very good for consumers," he says. "If T-Mobile is willing to eat my contract I'm definitely going to give them consideration, whereas in the past I might not have."

Now take a look at the video. The first quote begins at 1:50. Then there is a big gap, until the second quote begins at 1:13. I contend this is too much to imply these quotes were said back to back or nearly so. Your thoughts?

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