Friday, January 30, 2004

Welcome to Common Sense Journalism, the blog companion to the monthly Common Sense Journalism column.
Who am I: A longtime (almost 30 years) print and broadcast reporter/editor/producer and then AP news editor who now professes journalism at the University of South Carolina.
My point: That journalism is a great occupation, that most journalism is common sense and that our problems arise when we sometimes don't use it.
What this blog will cover: My interests center on editing and writing and on editors and the challenges they face in a changing environment. I'm convinced editors are not being trained enough to face these challenges, but that common sense rules the day. I'm heavily involved in Newsplex, the new-media newsroom at the University of South Carolina. But my interests are wide-ranging, so anything, from ethics to some aspects of Web design, is fair game.

Hope you find something here worthwhile.


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